Anna Menyhért: Interrogation vs Listening

From the 2019 eight-episode Netflix-series Unbelievable it becomes painfully clear how little people understand trauma; how little they hear the trauma of others, and to what a large extent a trauma-informed and survivor-centred approach to gender-based violence can both decrease the impact of rape on the survivor’s life and positively effect the outcome of a police investigation.

Ferenc Erős z”l (1946-2020)

Dr. Ferenc Erős (1946-2020) psychologist, social-psychologist. After the late 1970s with Andras Stark psychiatrist, they started to look for the meaning to be a Jew ….

Katalin Bárdos

Dr. Katalin Bárdos, clinical psychologist-psychotherapist. After graduating from the Psychopedagogy Department of the Bárczy István Tanárképző  (1979), I became a psychologist (ELTE, 1983). I graduated ….

Maria Heller

Dr Maria Heller, PhD, habil. associate professor, sociologist, linguist. After graduation, she worked in the Linguistic Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and ….

Kata Vörös

Kata Vörös, assistant lecturer, sociologist. She received her degree in 2018 at Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, in the Ethnic and Minority Politics program. During ….