Teréz Virág

Dr. Teréz Virág z”l (1930-2000) was a psychoanalyst and child psychologist.

Dr. Teréz Virág was the first in Hungary who from the dreams of neurotic children deducted the destructive psychological effects of social trauma affecting second and third generations. In 1982 she gave her first presentation on her psychoterapeutic experience with Holocaust survivors in Hungary. In 1991 together with her husband she created the KÚT Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is the healing and psychological support of the victims of social persecution with special emphasis on the victims of the Holocaust. In 1993 she set up the first clinic for the treatment of Hungarian holocaust survivors in Budapest that she led till her death.

Z”l (zikhronah livrakha / זכרונה לברכה) means ‘of blessed memory’.

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